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Fuelling Canada’s Economy

Recovery is not just about surviving, but thriving.

Canada’s economic recovery will depend on trusted community partners working to support Canadians. The gas industry is a key partner and we’re here to help.

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Canada’s Energy Delivery Partners

As the voice of Canada’s natural gas delivery industry, the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) and its members are trusted economic partners. Delivering 35% of Canada’s energy needs, natural gas has a central role in supporting Canada’s economy.

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We’re Committed to Canada’s Economic Recovery

Natural gas is one of Canada’s most affordable sources of energy for households. This affordability also provides a competitive advantage to Canadian manufacturers and businesses who depend on energy to compete in the global market. Canada’s gas sector is committed to building on this advantage by supporting projects that:

Centennial Flame
  • Pipeline Worker Welding
    Encourage job creation
  • Family Preparing Food
    Build strong, thriving communities
  • Molecule
    Deliver cleantech innovation

We’re Reducing Canadian Emissions

Emissions reductions by industries like ours are an important part of the effort to achieve Canada’s economic and environmental commitments. Natural gas is a low-emission fuel that will continue to play an important role in achieving these commitments, particularly for major industrial players and for rural and remote communities that have traditionally relied on higher-emitting fuels such as heating oil and diesel. The gas delivery industry is innovating in four major areas to prepare for a lower-emission future for Canada:

  1. The development of renewable gases including renewable natural gas and hydrogen that can be blended into existing gas delivery systems
  2. Efficient retrofits to existing residential and industrial structures
  3. Infrastructure and liquefied natural gas transportation solutions
  4. Alternative transportation fuels for buses, couriers and other fleets
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We're Using Energy to Connect Communities

Canada’s natural gas utilities deliver affordable and reliable energy solutions to communities from coast-to-coast-to-coast. We have been well-prepared to address our customers’ energy needs in a safe and efficient manner throughout the pandemic and we are well-coordinated on how to respond during the recovery from COVID-19 and beyond.

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Our Recovery Recommendations

Canada’s economic recovery depends on trusted community partners working together to support all Canadians. Canada’s natural gas delivery industry is here to help.

  1. 1

    Include the Natural Gas Delivery Industry in the Industry Strategy Council

    Develop industry-government partnerships to build new energy infrastructure.

    Develop partnerships to maximize energy efficiency measures for homes and businesses to leverage utilities’ incentive budgets.

    Recapitalize the Low-Carbon Economy Fund and the Clean Growth Fund in order to accelerate project activity.

  2. 2

    Develop a National Renewable Gas Strategy and Programming

    Develop codes and standards for hydrogen development and use in Canada.

    Support project co-funding with utilities for renewable natural gas and hydrogen projects.

  3. 3

    Develop a 3 to 5 Year Cleantech Funding Partnership

    Develop partnerships with the Natural Gas Innovation Fund and provincial agencies to launch a national energy industry accelerator to co-fund cleantech projects.

How does natural gas fit into Canada's economic recovery?

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Be a Recovery Champion

Help spread the word on how together we’re supporting Canada’s economic recovery. Let our government leaders know, Canada’s natural gas delivery industry is here to help.